Health Highlights - March 2017
Posted on 03/01/2017

Nurse’s Notes for March 2017

By Cindy Hudock, RN, BSN, CSN
School Nurse (ext. 205)

Scoliosis screenings will be conducted in grades 4 and 6 during the next few weeks. Scoliosis is a lateral or sideways curvature of the spine. Onset is usually between the ages of 10 through 14, during the adolescent growth spurt. Scoliosis occurs in perfectly healthy children. It does not develop as a result of anything the child does or due to something the parents have failed to do. Early detection and intervention is very important. Permission for screening was part of the health information you filled out on the computer. If we did not obtain permission from you, a permission form will be mailed to you. 

Kindergarten Registration materials are due to the Office by Thursday, April 13th. Students presently in the preschool program will be tested during their school day. 

During late winter and spring we may start to see symptoms of Fifth’s Disease which is caused by Parvovirus B19.

•  It is spread by contact with infected respiratory secretions.
There may be a low grade fever and symptoms of a mild cold or just “not feeling well”. It is then followed by a bright red, raised rash on the cheeks that appears like they had been slapped. Within a few days a lacy appearing rash occurs on the trunk and extremities. The rash may recur for several weeks and is exacerbated by sunlight, exercise, heat, fever or emotional stress. The virus is not contagious once the rash appears. 
•  Children may return to school when they feel well and are fever free for 24 hours.
•  Pregnant women in contact with an infected child should speak to their health care provider.